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Terpenes: the Future of the Cannabis Industry
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The Predicaments and Potential of the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is one of the most successful newfound industries of the last decade. The implementation of cannabis markets has boosted the economy for citizens and lawmakers alike.

CBD in 2020

CannaGetHigh explains why CBD has become the most popular cannabinoid of 2020.

5 Cannabis Trends of 2020

CannaGetHigh covers the top five trends of cannabis in 2020. Everything from terpenes to edibles.

Terpenes: the Future of the Cannabis Industry

CannaGetHigh discusses some of the different cannabis terpenes and the role they will play in the future.

Cannabis Strain Names

In today's world where cannabis is becoming legal in every state, more and more people, both novice and experienced alike, are learning about the many different strains.

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